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Hallmark Guitars would like to welcome Ed Sanner to our team of unique product engineers!

You may not know Ed by name but you HAVE heard his fuzz circuit on countless recordings through the years. Ed was hired by Mosrite in the fall of 1965 to develop circuits for the all new electronics division of effects pedals and amplifiers the company were eager to introduce, to enhance their existing guitar line.

Temporarily Ed was put in charge of the Dobro department until they created the electronics division. Ed then set out to design what he thought would be a better mouse trap for the fuzz effect pedal population.

Ed soon completed the circuit and they named it the "Fuzzrite".On the first run 250 pieces were produced. Sales were slow at first. They just sat on the shelves in boxes until a somewhat popular band on the Atco label then changed everything. The band was called The Iron Butterfly. The song that changed the fuzz popularity was called In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. The movement was in, and the sounds were changing.

There were other bands using the new popular fuzz tone from London to California. From the Animals to The Ventures, everyone HAD to have THAT new crazy sound! Little did everyone know, Iron Butterfly was about to go where no band had gone before and launching into the fuzz stratosphere when the unlikely recording of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida hit pay dirt and was the first recording ever in history to go platinum sales status! It just so happened you could see the fuzz box on the lp cover of this recording. Suddenly, sales for Ed's fuzz went through the roof and no dust was collecting on the shelves once lined with fuzz boxes. It was a grand slam home run!

Since then everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Buck Owens was heard using Ed's fuzz design on popular recordings and also live performances.

By 1968 Ed moved on as a partner involved with the new "Rosac Electronics" company. It was formed by Rosenberg and Sacco hence the name Rosac.

The investment came from an unlikely investor called the Sierra Bag company. They produced burlap sacks and industrial packaging for industry and war effors.

The Rosac division was run by Ed Sanner, Ken Gilstrap, Ralf Scaffiti and Gerald Garvin. Ed handled the electronic design.

The first Fuzz pedal offered by Rosac was appropriately named the NU-FUZZ!

Ed set out to design a more usable fuzz than the Fuzzrite. Although the Fuzzrite sounded great, Ed said the problem was there was no depth.

So, in response Ed designed a circuit in the NU-FUZZ similar to the Fuzzrite but also included a tone knob so you could control the amount of depth. Ed say's "this is an improvement on the original design". "You can really dial in the depth and is more versatile with a variety of tones now".

The Rosac company shut down production by 1971 and not many NU-FUZZ pedals were produced. Today they are highly collectable among fuzz enthusiast's and sell for up to $600.00 or more IF you can find one.

Hallmark Guitars is proud to announce that we are now producing a limited edition run of the NU-FUZZ effect pedals once again that features a hand wired curcuit by Ed Sanner in his own shop in California USA!!

These NU-FUZZ pedals will come with Ed's signature on the interior of each fuzz and a certificate of authenticity also signed by Ed and myself so you know this is the real deal. Only 100 of these will be produced. Each is hand painted in Bakersfield California with 4 different candy colors you can choose from.

If you like the sound of the fuzz pedal, look no further. This fuzz tone is for you! Get one now before we run out!

Bob Shade
Hallmark Guitars USA



Ed Sanner

Ed Sanner in his Bakersfield Ca. shop.

Kandy Lime NU-FUZZ

Kandy Apple NU-FUZZ

Kandy Gold  NU-FUZZ

Kandy Orange  NU-FUZZ